Helping Shrewsbury-based plasterer, Will Jones, build a brand that people can trust

Will Jones has been in the plastering business for many years. Since establishing his own company, WJ Plastering, Will has developed as an expert in his craft and felt that it was time to solidify a solid brand that would keep his reputation consistent and build a powerful identity that people can trust.

This was a project of three parts: Creation of the brand identity, design of the WJ Plastering fleet of vans and finally Will’s online presence.

From the offset, we knew the brand needed to be something different from your ‘ordinary plasterer’. We also set other characteristics out such as; solid, reliable and premium, simply to reflect the characteristics that WJ Plastering show through their existing operations.

The logo is friendly and packs a punch with it’s purple presence. It will age beautifully as time goes by as mugs and t-shirts get covered in plaster. It’s strong and will be recognised instantly by the citizens of Shrewsbury as WJ Plastering go about their daily business.

It’s been created with versatility in mind too. Both digitally and physically the logo can be reversed and altered to cover all kinds of collateral.

"When I'm looking for a tradesman then I'm interested in who's done work local to me. So if I see a van with a tradesman's details on it parked up outside a house in the neighbourhood I will tend to take a note of it, or more likely take a photo with my phone."

More than just a tradesperson’s home away from home, their van is their primary advert to their target audience. Despite the prevalence of social media, physical word-of-mouth remains the strongest stream of tradespeople gaining contracts. Because of this, their is crucial importance on the design of a tradesperson’s van.

We designed WJ Plastering’s van with simplicity in mind having complete faith that the WJ Plastering identity can speak for itself. True to the nature of word-of-mouth the van clearly features the information that potential customers need to get in touch. Further to this we wanted to showcase Will’s accreditation from British Gypsum as this is a massive selling point both for Will and potential customers knowing that they can put trust in WJ Plastering.

As WJ Plastering drive their vans around the areas of Shrewsbury, they will slowly and surely become a common sight and built into the very fabric of the community. So much so that when people wind up needing plastering services, WJ Plastering will stand out as the number one, no-brainer plasterer to use.

Further to this, the van will act as the primary touchpoint for potential customers, whether they decide to call directly they also have the option to view the WJ Plastering website for more information. Which leads us nicely onto the WJ Plastering online presence.

Creating a great looking website is important but equally important is filling it with powerful, engaging and useful content.

Not only will it be a place to learn about WJ Plastering’s unique selling points and to learn a bit more about the company itself, it will be a place to gain a better understanding about plastering, a centre of excellence about how different techniques can help potential customers enrich their projects.

Style-wise, the website is bold and practical. Strict use of the colour palette helps the photography stand out and showcase Will’s extremely high standard of plastering.

The content too has been thought about extremely carefully. Ensuring it is correct and reliable is to reflect those values of WJ Plastering. We’re confident we’ve set up WJ Plastering with a timeless brand and a website that will help his customers connect to him seamlessly and represent him perfectly. We’ll continue to support him as his journey goes on to being “Shropshire’s finest plasterer!”